im still gay

but look
a dancing bear

…………..im going to dry and draw nine

what should i draw him doing

August 22 | 9:03

i know nine is going to die and im actually sort of tearing up

August 22 | 8:44

August 22 | 8:39 | 111♥ | sangorox

i cant believe my shitty nine post got notes

wait til i make the real analysis wtf

August 22 | 7:51

why is there such a lack of yotsuba arc fic/art where light has a nightmare and L comforts him when he wakes up


August 22 | 7:48 | 2♥

i love nine so much i just rolled off of my bed onto the floor and im grinning like an idiot

August 22 | 11:16 | 2♥

okay so for sure i get why everyone’s super excited about twelve in episode 7 (#spoilers, btw)

because he is a darling and i wasn’t sure if he actually had a soul or just liked to fuck with people for fun until this episode, so it’s really nice to see this human side of him so pronounced,

but can we please talk about Nine

for all of the pretending: acting as if he dislikes Lisa, acting disdainful toward Twelve for getting her involved, for getting attached

it’s hard to show with just caps, but look at how worried he gets at the thought of harm coming to Lisa:

and he tries to stay away from collaborating with Shibazaki, he knows that’s a dangerous path

but when Twelve gets upset, he casts all that fear aside and devises a plan to rescue Lisa, which involves potentially risking their entire goal for the bombings.

I don’t know if what happened this episode has more to do with NIne’s feelings about Lisa, or Twelve (my betting is Twelve since out of the pair he seems to definitely be more attached to him),

but this is one selfless dude. risking everything to make sure his friends aren’t hurt. and he knows it’s a weakness, Five pointed that out so he knows she could exploit that. he’s been trying not to get attached for exactly that reason.

doesn’t stop him tho

August 22 | 11:08 | 48♥

if i ever publish a book its just going to be a list of all the reasons nine from znt makes me cry

August 22 | 10:41 | 2♥


y’all try to find the tiniest reason to not support sj/feminism like “oh wow a troll blog once said eating chinese food is cultural appropriation haha sorry i guess i don’t support trans rights at all anymore”

August 22 | 1:58 | 14493♥ | gaygorl | mermandos


fuck ur dreams kid